The Main purpose of this page is to compile a list of tools and programs, as well as how to use them to translate, extract images and cheat in the many different game engines.

Cheating Edit

  • Cheat Engine
    • Probably one of the better known cheating applications found here
  • QSPSaveEditor
    • A not so well know save editor for the russian game engine QSP a link to download can be found Here

Translating Edit

  • QGen
    • QGen allows you to go into a .qsp file and edit text and code, it can also be quite useful to find out what is needed to trigger certain events in QSP games. It can be found Here
  • OnlineOCR
    • OnlineOCR is a free Optical Character Recognition service which basically means you can extract Text From an image that can be multiple different languages and places it into a text file which can easily be translated. There is a limit to 15 images an hour but if your like me that is plenty
  • QSPTools
    • QSPTools can be used for translating QSP games aswell as getting past a password protected .qsp

Image Extraction Edit

  • RPATool
    • RPATool allows you to extract Ren'Py .rpa files, this can be used for translating aswell as basic image extraction and it can be found Here

Other Edit